A man escapes from prison

A man escapes from prison, where he has been for 15 years. during his escape he finds a house and breaks in to find weapons and money. the only thing he finds is a couple in bed. he comands the man to step out and ties him to a chair. after he ties the young woman to the bed, lies on top of her and kisses her in her neck. he then stands up and goes to the bathroom. while the prisoner is in the bathroom, the man whispers to his wife on the bed: ‘listen, this man is an escaped prisoner, look at his clothes. he probably has been in there for long and hasnt seen a woman in years. i saw how he kissed you in your neck, if he wants sex with you, dont fight, dont complain, do what he asks and please him. he is dangerous when he gets mad, he would kill us. be strong baby, i love you! His wife answered “he didnt kiss me in my neck, he whispered that he is gay and said he likes you. he asked me if we had vaseline in the bathroom. be strong baby! i love you 2..’

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